Rural accommodation with pets

Pets are welcome at the Mas Restorra estate, but there are some exceptions that should be considered.
The Masia Redortra and the Casa Paller preserve a traditional style after their integral reform carried out in 2002 and 2019, so the interiors and floors of the two accommodations are made of natural wood without any treatment, in addition to having carpets. To preserve these materials and the essence of the farm, as well as maintain strict hygiene standards, pets are not allowed in the Masia Redortra or in the Casa Paller.However, pets are allowed in the Masoveria house where the floors are ceramic.

Rural accommodation with pets for longer stays

Even taking into account these conditions, in Mas Redortra we know that it is difficult to plan a long-term vacation without taking our pets with us, for this reason, we have exceptions for stays of more than a week.Do not hesitate to contact us if this is the case.

Pets and animals in the farmhouse

Beyond pets, in Mas Redortra we have several farm animals in their respective enclosures, for this reason, it is necessary that pets are always supervised by their owners during walks on the grounds of the farm and make use of a leash.
In the upper area of the Masia de Mas Redortra you can visit the classic fenced wooden chicken coop in which 10 laying hens live. In addition to chickens, on the grounds of the farm, you can find cows and horses, which move from location depending on the time of year and the availability of pasture in the meadows.
Even being inside a fence, it is important to respect the tranquility of these animals and be careful with the electrical wiring that closes the different fields, even if it is not dangerous, it can cause unpleasant discharges when touched.

It is important to bear in mind that different guests can stay on the farm and for this reason, it is not allowed to leave pets free outside the private area of each of the houses.

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