Mas Redortra. Country house for communions

First Communion is a very important moment in the life of a child and his or her family. In Mas Redortra we believe that a special occasion such as the First Communion should be celebrated in a special place such as our farm.

Celebrate communion in a rural setting

There is no better place to gather all the closest family and friends than a farm in the middle of nature. The outdoor spaces of Mas Redortra allow you to celebrate a special day with many more guests and turn the day into a getaway to nature. In addition, Mas Redortra is perfect for celebrations with children. In the outdoor spaces of the farm, with pastures and a small stream, they have space to play and have fun while exploring the rural environment of the area. Not only do they have all the space they need to enjoy a great day, but they can also pay a visit to the farm’s chickens, cows and horses, learning about respect for animals and nature.

Country house with pool and spectacular views

Mas Redortra has a magnificent swimming pool overlooking the Ges-Bisaura valley area, which brings many more possibilities! Being able to celebrate a first Communion with a meeting in the rural area of Osona, near the water and starting the hot season with a very special day is really a privilege. Beyond the possibilities offered by the Mas Restorra estate, celebrating a first Communion in a rural area means that the meeting can be accompanied by different activities in nature. The hiking trails are the best known and most popular option in the Osona region, but the proposals may vary according to the group: cultural activities, visits to rural villages with privileged views … A rural activity may finish completing the day.

First communion in the farmhouse of Mas Redortra

The celebration of a first communion in the rural accommodations of Mas Redortra can turn this celebration into a family getaway of a whole weekend. The Masia Redortra is the accommodation with the most capacity, where up to 11 guests can fit, perfect for a family stay. Casa Paller and Masovería are adapted to smaller families and more intimate celebrations, maintaining the rustic style characteristic of the estate.The rooms of Mas Redortra are the right space to celebrate a first Communion in a rustic atmosphere. The main hall of the estate can accommodate up to 150 people, for a large group and an unforgettable celebration. The classic room, on the other hand, is perfect for a smaller group of 30 people, in a more intimate meeting. In the spaces of Mas Redortra are the accommodations, lounges and outdoor areas that will best adapt to the celebration of a first Communion with all the details.

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