Country farmhouse for business meetings

Even the most formal situations have space in Mas Redortra. Although we are used to holding business meetings in offices and conference rooms, many times a more relaxed and rural atmosphere is what is needed for a successful meeting.

Where to hold a meeting at the Mas Redortra estate

Mas Redortra offers different spaces suitable for holding business meetings and meetings of all kinds, making the most of the benefits of nature for this type of event. In the rural environment that characterizes us, the classic room of Mas Redortra has capacity for about 30 people, so it is ideal for small meetings, meetings of members of the same company and diverse meetings.
The main hall is the most suitable for meetings with many more participants, since it has capacity for up to 150 people. With the rooms of the estate, you get a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere, solemn but rural.Being in an area surrounded by nature, Mas Redortra offers to accompany the business meeting with multiple leisure activities such as hiking, skiing or horse riding or visiting the cultural heritage of the villages of the regions of Osona, Ripollès and La Garrotxa.

The benefits of the natural environment for business meetings

The benefits of holding a meeting in a natural environment are many, some more obvious than others. First, it is clear that it does not have the same effect to meet with artificial light between the four walls of an office as to do it in a cosy or outdoor environment. Holding an event of this type in the middle of nature helps to iron out rough edges among the members of the group, creating a more relaxed and flattering atmosphere. The result of these benefits will be a more successful meeting, promoting competitiveness and agreement and eliminating stress.Outdoor encounters are very beneficial for the mind. Being in nature significantly reduces stress, while greatly improving the reasoning capacity between the parties and promoting the creativity of the group. In this way, a meeting in a natural environment improves the relationship between the assembled members while increasing the individual capacities of all of them. It can be considered that, at the same time as holding a business meeting, a meeting in a rural area also serves as a Teambuilding exercise for the group holding the event.
In general, a business meeting in an environment like Mas Redortra can increase productivity and the chances of success of the meeting. In addition, with the outdoor spaces of the estate, rural accommodations and lounges, preparations for a meeting at Mas Redortra are very simple. For any questions about how to organize a business meeting on the farm, do not hesitate to contact us.


5 beneficios de celebrar reuniones de trabajo en espacios naturales

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