Country house for Team Building in Catalonia

Teambuilding is an English word that defines the improvement of the mood and happiness of the workers of a company or work group to improve their performance. Mas Redortra is the perfect place to organize a rural Teambuilding where the environment, fresh air and nature are the protagonists.Organizing a rural Teambuilding is ideal to achieve the objectives of a group of workers, unite them and make all members leave the routine of the company and the city. A rural environment like Mas Redortra allows large groups of people to unite in an informal and trustworthy atmosphere, perfect for all kinds of activities.

Teambuilding in our rural farmhouse

The activities and dynamics of a rural team building experience depend on the length of stay. Catalonia is ideal for its large number of possibilities, but the environment of Mas Redortra in the region of Osona is perfect for a day of business Teambuilding that can last several days. Being very close to Barcelona, the necessary preparation will not be very expensive, avoiding large displacements.

Holding a Teambuilding event in a rural accommodation allows the cohesion of the group in a very intense and successful way, because the prepared activities are added to the factor of coexistence and group experience. Sharing common spaces, cooking and eating in groups… all these daily acts done together in Mas Redortra give more value to Teambuilding.

Independent accommodation for all kinds of team building experiences

In Mas Redortra there are three different accommodations that can fit perfectly for the organization of a Teambuilding stay. The Masia Redrotra is the most suitable for large groups, with an area of 250m², capacity for up to eleven people and private outdoor space.

If this accommodation were not enough, booking the Masia together with Casa Paller is the best option. This second accommodation can accommodate up to eight more people. Masia Redortra, Casa Paller and Casa Masovería can be combined as needed to accommodate the Teambuilding group on the Mas Redortra estate and hold a business event to remember.

Teambuilding activities at Mas Redortra

Each Teambuilding group is different, so the activities for each of them can be very varied. When choosing the experiences that will be part of this event, there are two fundamental pillars that must be taken into account: the objectives and the characteristics of the group.

The decision of the rural Teambuilding activities should be based on the goals that have been set for the group. What are the qualities that must be reinforced or the obstacles that the group must overcome? Likewise, we must always keep in mind details such as the individual preferences of the group, as far as possible. We must remember that, beyond the business objectives, Teambuilding wants all members of the group to feel happy.

A perfect environment to team-up

In the valley of Ges-Bisaura and the region of Osona, sports activities can be the basis of Teambuilding. Something as simple as a group hiking trail can have great benefits for the event. The organization can be a little more complex with activities such as paintball, horse riding or different team sports that can be practiced in the natural environment of Mas Redrotra. Still, sports activities are not the only option. The environment of the Mas Redortra estate is perfect for organizing meditation, yoga and relaxation sessions, thus creating a perfect time for introspection and group reflection. Beyond the accommodations, in the estate of Mas Redortra there are two rooms of different capacities to organize events and meetings. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about them or any other detail. We will be happy to help. You can find many more tips on organizing a rural Teambuilding in the post about these events in our blog.

Team buildings we made

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