5 Keys to Organizing a Rural Wedding

A wedding is a very important event, so organization is key. There are many spaces to celebrate a wedding in Catalonia, but none as unique and with such a special environment as a rural house. Organizing a rural wedding is not a simple thing, so we break down the process into five essential keys.

1. The Venue for the Rural Wedding

Once it’s decided to organize a rural wedding, the first thing to define is the venue where it will be held. The options are endless! Catalonia is a privileged environment, offering many rural areas that adapt to different needs when organizing a rural wedding. The plains of Vic and Osona, for example, are ideal for couples from the Barcelona area who want to enjoy their special moment in nature. Mas Redortra is one of the rural houses in the area that has everything required for a dreamy rural wedding.


Our rural accommodation serves as both a farmhouse for weddings and a farmhouse for family celebrations for large groups and for celebrating intimate events as well as large parties. That’s why, before renting a space, you have to carefully consider the number of people who will be invited. Additionally, it’s very likely that when renting a rural house, you’ll want to extend the celebration for a whole weekend, to be able to enjoy the moment with family and friends: the capacities of the farmhouse must be taken into account.


The best for celebrating a rural wedding is a farmhouse that has different private spaces for the different moments of the day. The ceremony in a corner with views, the cocktail hour in the garden, the party in a separate room… Each moment has its ideal space and atmosphere, so it’s best to find a rural house that can be adapted to all these ideas.

Covered Area

Beyond the charm of a rural wedding, comfort is also important. Although you may want to celebrate most of the day outdoors, it’s essential to think about alternatives for rain or cold. That’s why it’s advisable for the farmhouse or rural house to have some indoor space. Another alternative is to rent tents to set up outside. When organizing a wedding in nature, possible contingencies must be taken into account!

2. Food or Catering that Best Fits the Celebration

The food served at a wedding is very particular and depends on the tastes of the couple. However, when choosing, details such as the number of guests and the type of rural celebration being sought should not be overlooked: from a formal dinner to a party with friends… there are rural weddings of all kinds.


Hiring a catering service is one of the best ideas when organizing any event. Beyond the very varied options regarding the dishes to be served, these companies can also include furniture, chairs, and some part of the decoration. If not, they usually put couples in touch with companies that offer furniture and cutlery. A catering service is a very good option for couples who don’t want to worry too much about the food for their rural wedding, or who prefer to leave this management in the hands of professionals.


During the last few years, it has become trendy to approach rural weddings in an alternative way: turning them into a big barbecue or paella with friends and family, in a much more informal manner. This style simplifies the organization of food quite a bit since the same guests can participate in the cooking or someone can be hired to take care of it. It all depends on the number of guests and what kind of celebration the couple wants for their rural wedding.

2. Every Rural Wedding Needs a Great Party

There’s no limit to organizing the party that accompanies a rural wedding! Each couple can adapt their special day to their tastes and celebrate to the fullest with their friends and family.

Live Music or DJ

Once the venue and food are organized, all that’s left is to enjoy. Live music groups are a good idea for more personalized and intimate weddings, with a cover band, a jazz quartet… It all depends on the couple. To ensure that everyone can dance to their favorite songs, hiring a DJ is a safe bet, and a great idea is to ask each guest for a song before the party!

Food Trucks

Offering crêpes or french fries to guests is not the most common thing, but everything has a place at a rural wedding. Hiring food trucks or vintage caravans to take a break between songs is becoming increasingly fashionable, and a space as large as that offered by a rural house is perfect for all these details.


When organizing the food for the rural wedding, drinks should be taken into account. There are catering service companies that do not include drinks beyond meals… this detail must be taken into account! If organized without a company, managing drinks can be more difficult than it seems: you have to estimate well the quantities needed so that no one is left thirsty. A very original idea is to create a unique cocktail or choose a special one that the couple really likes and serve it to the guests.

4. Decoration to Achieve the Perfect Rural Atmosphere

Organizing a rural wedding does not mean leaving behind themes! The outdoor environment lends itself to many types of decoration, with more or less specific themes that give a lot of personality to the celebration.


Couples who want to take a little trip back in time with the decoration of their special day find the perfect atmosphere at a rural wedding. The farmhouse environment and its spaces are ideal for classic or vintage decoration. Colors like those of tiles or beige can be key for vintage-style decorations, as well as some details with wood and neutral tones.


Nature can be the central element of a rural wedding very easily. Rustic decorations, between classic style and a more carefree one, fit perfectly with a natural atmosphere of a farmhouse. Centerpieces where green predominates over flowers or focusing the celebration on the outdoor space of the rural house can be key to achieving a wedding set in nature.


If the budget is tighter, making decorations by hand is a very good idea, and it’s not as difficult as it seems. You do have to plan all the DIY projects you want to do well and find cohesion between all of them, but the result can be very good anyway.

5. Details Are the Most Important Thing in a Rural Wedding

The management and planning of a rural wedding are longer than if a conventional venue is chosen for the celebration. However, a rural wedding is much more special and personal, with details that make the celebration an unforgettable day (or weekend!) for both the guests and the couple. A rural house is the ideal place to get all the personal details that make a wedding a special moment. At Mas Redortra, we have everything needed to celebrate a rural wedding with all the essential details to achieve an ideal celebration.