The Best Bike Routes to Explore Osona with Children

Osona is full of bike routes to enjoy with the family. Whether with little ones taking their first steps on two wheels or almost experts, we offer various options to discover the heritage and nature of the region while practicing cycling as a family.

Easy Level Routes

The recommended routes within the easy level are designed for children who are starting to ride a bike but already have the ability to do some easy excursions. They all have a maximum of 14 kilometers but are adaptable to different levels.

1. From Sant Romà de Sau to the Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres

Distance: 8.8 km
Elevation gain: 353m

The monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres is a notable example of Catalonia’s historical and architectural heritage, offering visitors the opportunity to explore an important corner of the medieval history of the Osona region. For this reason, it is an ideal place to explore with the little ones when they are starting out on bike routes. In addition to its architecture, the monastery houses a valuable artistic heritage, including Romanesque frescoes and decorative elements.

This route is not circular but rather a round trip, but biking has no rules! You can always turn back once the little ones get tired. The starting point is in Sant Romà de Sau, where you take a path towards the Parador de Sau. Good views are guaranteed! From there, the route continues for about three more kilometers to the monastery. A visit to the monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres is a good way to combine sports and culture with a family bike route. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

2. Tour around Vic

Distance: 12.5 km
Elevation gain: 57 m

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to enjoy the landscapes surrounding the city of Vic with the little ones. The routes and lanes are perfect for organizing a small bike excursion with children. In addition, the circuit can be extended as much as necessary using the Vic green belt.

This circular route has almost no slope and begins in the l’Era d’en Sellés park, passing through the Bruguer bridge and following the Gurri and Mèder rivers. With the city’s rivers as protagonists, the route also passes by Puig dels Jueus and a point on the old Olost road, where it is advisable to get off the bike and be cautious. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

3. Circular route from Vic to Gurb

Distance: 8.3 km
Elevation gain: 94 m

The route starts in the city of Vic and heads towards the municipality of Gurb, offering a pleasant journey that includes passing through several picturesque farmhouses and the impressive church of Sant Andreu de Gurb. As we advance along the path, we can contemplate the charming hills surrounding the castle of Gurb, and on the horizon, the majestic Gurb cross presides over the view.

The starting point of this circular route is the Canonge Collell hostel reception point, from where you leave the capital to reach the municipality of Gurb. This route is estimated to take about an hour, but it is recommended to take the necessary time to properly enjoy this bike route with children through the Osona region.

4. From Tona to Sant Miquel de Vilageriu via the Sanctuary of Mare de Déu de l’Ajuda

Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain: 150 m

For family tourism on wheels, this easy route through the plains of Vic is very accessible, with little slope. Ideal for discovering Osona by bike, the ride starts in Tona, in the town’s sports area. From there, the path leads to Sant Fruitós de Balenyà, where the Romanesque sanctuary of Mare de Déu de l’Ajuda is located.

After pedaling through the farmhouses of Plans de l’Alzina and Molí de l’Omet, the route reaches Sant Miquel de Vilageriu, a 12th-century Romanesque hermitage. Both the sanctuary and the hermitage are excellent places to stop, enjoy the Osona landscape, and recharge with the little ones. Finally, you return to Tona, where the journey began. The slope of this route is very gentle, with a short route and a duration of between 1 and 2 hours. This bike ride through Osona with the family is a perfect way to spend the day in the region.

5. From Manlleu to the Sanctuary of Puig Agut, Sant Jaume de Vilamontà, and Sant Esteve de Vila-setrú

Distance: 13.88 km
Elevation gain: 162 m

This bike route is perfect for getting to know the municipality of Manlleu with children. The circuit starts in front of the Industrial Museum of Ter, a recommended stop before or after the excursion, and continues along the riverbank. The municipality is left behind, and the route takes us to the sanctuary of Puig Agut, heading towards Sant Jaume de Vilamontà and Sant Esteve de Vila-setrú. Finally, the circular route returns us to the Ter, until reaching the starting point.

Cycling with children in Osona is not only healthy but also brings the heritage of Osona closer to the little ones. The churches of Sant Jaume de Vilamontà and Sant Esteve de Vila-setrú, as well as the sanctuary of Puig Agut, are great examples.

Medium Level Routes

These five bike route options to discover Osona with children can be considered of medium difficulty, ranging from 14 to 23 kilometers in length.

1. Tour around the green ring of Vic

Distance: 20 km
Elevation gain: 172 m

The green ring of Vic is a green belt that surrounds the city, offering a natural and scenic area for recreation, leisure, and environmental conservation. The Green Ring presents a circular route that surrounds the city, passing through various natural spaces such as rivers, wooded areas, and parks. This route is designed for pedestrians and cyclists, offering a pleasant experience to enjoy the outdoors.

The accumulated slope of the 20-kilometer circular route is low, making it an ideal excursion to do with children in Osona. It also offers recreation and rest areas, such as picnic areas for a small break. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

2. Circular route through els Hostalets de Balenyà

Distance: 13.8 km
Elevation gain: 260 m

This medium-difficulty route starts in els Hostalets de Balenyà, a small municipality in Osona that can be reached by public transport from Barcelona. From the town, the path heads towards the hermitage of Sant Jaume de Viladrover, but without reaching it.

Exploring the surroundings of Hostalets de Balenyà, we venture slightly towards Tona, a village worth visiting to get to know the Osona region well. Along the way, you’ll find small resting spots where you can take a break, a little rest, or even have a meal if you want to extend your outing. It’s a circular route, so the endpoint is the same municipality of Hostalets. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

3. Ges Valley

Distance: 23km
Elevation gain: 500m

The Vall de Ges, near Sant Pere de Torelló, is the perfect place for a family bike ride. Discovering the rural farmhouses in Catalonia and the trails in the Torelló area by bike is a great activity to do with children of all ages. The Vall de Ges is full of farmhouses and country houses, typical of the Osona region, connected by roads and small trails. Taking a bike route through Osona from Torelló or from Mas Redortra is perfect for enjoying the entire landscape.

The duration of the route and the path depends on the family and the age of the children, but the elevation of the area is ideal for organizing a small family bike excursion. To complete the route, it is recommended to take the paths that border the valley through Mas Vinyoles, Mas Grill, and Molí de Targarona, linking paths and trails through all possible routes in the area. This is a very fun bike ride to do with the whole family.

4. Circular route from Vic to Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer and La Guixa

Distance: 14.8km
Elevation gain: 202m

This bike route with children through Osona starts the same as the one from Vic to Gurb, which has already been mentioned in the previous section. In this case, however, the excursion passes near Sant Joan Galí and enters the municipality of Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer and the nucleus of La Guixa before reaching Vic.

Although they are small nuclei, both Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer and La Guixa are interesting stops to make a bike outing with children an excursion with a cultural touch. In the first municipality, you can find a parish church dating back to the 11th century, and both are perfect for spending a quiet time away from large crowds of people.

5. Circular route from Vic to Gurb, Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer, and La Guixa

Distance: 19.5km
Elevation gain: 249m

Again, this route has the same starting point as the previous one, and it could be said to be a combination of the route from Vic to Gurb, which we have already discussed, and the one to Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer and La Guixa.

So, this is a bike excursion to do with children that is circular but doesn’t reach 20 kilometers, and it is estimated to take just under two hours, depending on the pace. The most positive part of this route is that it combines the points of interest of the two previous options: the municipality of Gurb with the castle and the cross of Gurb in the background, as well as the church of Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer and the nucleus of La Guixa.

High-level routes

The five highest-level routes are for children who are not yet able to make very long excursions but are more adventurous with the bike. All the recommended outings range from 17 to 35 kilometers and are ideal for getting to know various areas of the Osona region more deeply with the family.

1. To Puig dels Jueus from Vic

Distance: 26km
Elevation gain: 143m

An excellent route option to do in the company of children, as the route is of low difficulty and mainly runs along wide dirt tracks and paved sections. The excursion starts in Vic, following the path that borders the Gurri River, then entering Malla, where most of the route passes through quiet local roads.

We continue towards Sentfores, passing by the Mèder River. This river is crossed to reach the Riera de Sant Joan del Galí. After overcoming the old road to Olost, a point where caution must be exercised, you reach the feet of the Creu de Gurb, a point that we have also highlighted in other excursions in this article. You return to Vic via Avinguda Olímpia. The last stretch passes through the bike lane that leads to Puig dels Jueus. Finally, the route ends again near the Gurri River as it passes through the Sant Llàtzer neighborhood. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

2. Circular route through Vic, Sant Julià de Vilatorta, Folgueroles, Roda de Ter, and Manlleu

Distance: 34.5km
Elevation gain: 281m

This route, created by the Penya Cicloturista de l’ADAC, raises the level of this list slightly but is ideal for families and more experienced children. It remains a very good option to get to know Osona by bike with children. Starting from the sugar parking lot in Vic, it heads towards the Camí Ral de Sant Julià de Vilatorta and the Parc de les Set Fonts.

The excursion passes through the nuclei of Sant Jordi de Puigsesolles, Roda de Ter, Sant Miquel de la Guàrdia, Manlleu, and Sant Julià de Vilamirosa, making it a very good route to explore the Osona region. The path is mostly stony, but some narrow stretches and intersections should be taken into account. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

3. From Santa Eugènia de Berga to Sant Joan de Vilatorta and the hermitage of Sant Marc

Distance: 21.8km
Elevation gain: 362m

This circular route starts in the municipality of Santa Eugènia de Berga, from where you can discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Osona region with your family. From the parking lot in the village, the route heads towards Castell d’Heures, the first cultural stop on the route.

The path continues towards the Pantà de Sala d’Heures and Vilalleons, an ideal point for a short stop to gather strength to reach Puig d’Agulla and continue to Castell de Sant Joan de Vilatorta. The bike route continues to the 7 fonts, with the last point of reference being the hermitage of Sant Marc, offering the best views of the Osona region. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

4. From Sant Boi de Lluçanès to Perafita

Distance: 17km
Elevation gain: 335m

The municipality of Sant Boi de Lluçanès is located on the outskirts of Osona, and the church of Sant Baldiri is the starting point for this bike route with children through the region. The natural environment of this excursion is highly recommended, as it passes by the Pantà de Sant Boi and Vilarrasa, as well as the surroundings of different farmhouses in the area, before reaching the nucleus of Perafita.

This outing can be done in two parts, taking advantage of the attractions of the municipality of Perafita, before returning to Sant Boi de Lluçanès via La Tria, the marshes, and Font de la Prada. You can find more information and the route map at this link.

5. From Vic to Manlleu

Distance: 22.8km
Elevation gain: 229m

It’s important to note that this route is not circular but linear, so the 22.8 kilometers represent the sum of the outbound and return journey. The excursion starts in Vic, at the Canonge Collell Hostel. From this point, you leave the municipality, pass through the municipal area of Gurb, and reach Manlleu, facing the Industrial Museum of Ter.

The Industrial Museum of Ter is committed to preserving the history of Manlleu and its industrial past, as well as the environmental recovery of the rivers in the area. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take advantage of its educational activities, projects, and activities for children, turning a bike route with children into a combination of sports and learning.

Other natural spaces

One of the main recommendations when learning to ride a bike is, obviously, to have enough space to do so. And there are no better spaces than the green areas scattered throughout the Osona region. The following recommendations of natural spaces are perfect for children who are starting to ride a bike.

Enchanted Forest of Gurb

The Enchanted Forest of Gurb is a natural space designed for recreation and hiking in a wooded environment. It offers paths and trails through the forest where you can enjoy nature and the beauty of the landscape of Osona with your family. The Enchanted Forest also has an educational focus, promoting environmental awareness and appreciation of nature. Educational activities and events are often organized for children and visitors interested in learning more about the natural environment.

Fageda de la Grevolosa

The Fageda de la Grevolosa is a magical place in Osona, both for children and adults. Therefore, taking a short walk among the trees with those who have just started riding a bike can be part of a good family getaway discovering the region.

Located in the municipality of Sant Pere de Torelló, this forest is one of the most spectacular in Catalonia: some of the trees are over 300 years old, with an average diameter of 60 centimeters and can reach a height of 40 meters. Precisely for this reason, many of them have been cataloged as monumental trees.

Witches’ Route of Centelles

Centelles is a town of witches, and learning to ride a bike is a good excuse to learn about its history. In total, the route that starts in the center of the town can be up to 6 kilometers long, but it’s worth taking it easy and discovering the corners of the town and its natural surroundings.

The route starts at Pla del Mestre and goes towards the Plaza Mayor, with the Count’s Palace. Some points of interest include the house of Terrades, with its medieval tower, as well as the Cercle de les Bruixes, a group of cypress trees in a circle believed to have an esoteric origin.


L’Esquirol is one of the most beautiful villages in Osona. Located to the east of the region, biking is the ideal way to visit it with the family. The distance and time of this ride depend entirely on each individual; biking with children in Osona is easy with such beautiful villages like l’Esquirol.

The point where the Hostal de l’Esquirol was in the 15th century is now the village, allowing us to enjoy one of the best landscapes in Osona by bike. Nowadays, l’Esquirol is part of the municipality of Santa Maria de Corcó, which includes Cantonigròs, Sant Julià de Cabrera, Sant Martí Sescorts, and l’Esquirol. The four villages have magnificent landscapes with Romanesque churches and country houses, perfect for visiting with the family by bike. In l’Esquirol, many routes can be done with children, as there are no uphill sections, making it ideal for the little ones to take a bike ride through Osona.

Castanyer de les 9 branques, Viladrau

Although the chestnut tree is a very common tree in Catalonia, the one in Viladrau is special and almost magical: it has nine main branches that grow from the base of the tree. It is for this detail that the chestnut tree is so well-known, and its surroundings are perfect for learning to ride a bike and discovering new corners of Osona with the family.

The exact age of the Castanyer de les 9 branques is difficult to determine, but it is estimated to be several centuries old, making it a historical testimony of the region. The tree is located on the road from Viladrau to Santa Fe, near Font de la Tosca.