The best restaurants in la Garrotxa region

The region of La Garrotxa is known for its natural environment, with the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park or the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone. To accompany a getaway with your partner, group, or children in this Catalan region, there’s nothing better than enjoying good meals at the best restaurants in La Garrotxa. Here, traditional cuisine predominates, both Catalan and Garrotxan, but there are restaurants to suit all tastes, from market and signature cuisine to what is known as volcanic cuisine or Michelin-starred restaurants.

Restaurants offering volcanic or traditional cuisine

If there’s one thing the region of La Garrotxa is known for, it’s its unique volcanoes in the country. This natural attraction has been transferred to the cuisine, bringing together several restaurants in the region under the label of “Volcanic Cuisine”. The establishments that are part of this group opt for traditional gastronomy, with local products. Volcanic cuisine restaurants are a great option to get to know La Garrotxa through the palate, whether with family, a partner, or a group.

Font Moixina

In Olot, in the heart of the Garrotxa Natural Park, we find the Font Moixina restaurant, in a privileged setting in the region. Nature surrounds the outdoor terrace, perfect for enjoying the good weather while having an apéritif or a meal. The space, both indoors and outdoors, allows for large family meals and dinners with children, but also provides an ideal atmosphere to enjoy a moment as a couple.

Font Moixina offers all kinds of menus, for visiting the restaurant on weekdays or during weekends, as well as adapting the menu for children. Among its most popular dishes are different grilled or oven-cooked meats, as well as snails and seasonal products.

Hostal dels Ossos

The Hostal dels Ossos is also part of the group of restaurants that focus on volcanic cuisine, seasonal, and from the Garrotxa area. Additionally, it is located very close to La Fageda d’en Jordà, so going after a family stroll through one of the best-known places in the area is a great plan. Its traditional cuisine and friendly service make Hostal dels Ossos an ideal restaurant to enjoy during a getaway in La Garrotxa.

Grilled dishes and stews are the specialties of Hostal dels Ossos, which, along with local dishes such as beans from Santa Pau and Olot potatoes, make the establishment a truly traditional restaurant in La Garrotxa.

Can Xel

Can Xel started as a village inn and is now one of the best-known restaurants in La Garrotxa, especially when it comes to traditional cuisine. At Can Xel, the third and fourth family generations work together, making it ideal for a family outing! The traditional cuisine restaurant is also located very close to the natural area of La Fageda d’en Jordà, at the foot of the road to Santa Pau. It is also recommended to go after visiting the Croscat and Santa Margarida volcanoes, to enjoy a complete volcanic experience with friends, family, or a partner.

Can Xel combines traditional cuisine with some new creations, to bring Garrotxa products to the tastes of everyone. Among its specialties are “huevos a la capuchina” (a type of egg dish), pig’s feet with snails, and blood sausage with beans from Santa Pau, which are a must-have in a meal if you want to experience Garrotxa gastronomy.

Traditional “Garrotxan” restaurants in a privileged setting

It is not difficult to find a restaurant in La Garrotxa surrounded by magnificent landscapes and nature, as the region is a privileged rural environment. However, there are restaurants that, apart from their gastronomy, have their location as a great attraction. Volcanoes, sanctuaries, or quiet and intimate places, there are many charming restaurants in La Garrotxa to enjoy a good meal as a couple or with family with the best views.

Santuari de la Salut

In the municipality of Sant Feliu de Pallerols, near the Osona region, we discover an idyllic space, the Santuario de la Salud (Sanctuary of Health). At 1050 meters above sea level, it is one of the best-known points in the Collsacabra mountain range. Beyond its cultural and natural interest, the restaurant at the Santuari de la Salut adds great gastronomic interest, as it is the perfect restaurant to include in plans for a getaway with a partner or with children in La Garrotxa or Osona.
The restaurant has a terrace and large windows designed especially to enjoy the magnificent views while enjoying the food. From there, you can see Roses, Canigó, Girona, Puigmal, and Comanegra. Especially if the weather is good! The cuisine they offer is Mediterranean and traditional, but desserts are especially highlighted.

El Fortí del volcà Montsacopa

At the top of one of the best-known volcanoes in La Garrotxa, the restaurant at the Fortí del volcà Montsacopa is located in a privileged setting. With panoramic views over the city of Olot and Vall d’en Bas, this restaurant offers modern and signature cuisine where the main ingredients are always local. Additionally, you can visit the Fortí del volcà Montsacopa at any time because it offers bar service throughout the day. Taking a ten-minute walk up the volcano and enjoying an apéritif or a meal at the restaurant is the best option, since there is no direct access by car.

Claustre de Palera

In Beuda, we find the Sant Sepulcre de Palera monastery, one of the most charming architectural monuments in La Garrotxa. Dating from the 11th century, but today accompanied by the restaurant at the Claustre de Palera, located in the monastery cloister. The hermitage can be visited, and the restaurant offers traditional Catalan cuisine.
This restaurant is ideal for a getaway as a couple, in a very romantic and quiet environment. However, it can also be enjoyed with family and children, as it is surrounded by nature and outdoor space. In addition, pets are welcome. Its most popular dishes range from “coca de recapte” (a type of savory cake) to paella and pig’s feet.

The most popular restaurants in La Garrotxa

Whether for having Michelin stars or for having invented a star dish from the area, in La Garrotxa, there are restaurants famous worldwide. Garrotxa cuisine is, in addition to traditional, sophisticated, modern, and of high quality.

La Deu

The “patates de la Deu” (La Deu potatoes), or Olot potatoes, were invented in 1943 in this restaurant in La Garrotxa. That’s why La Deu has become one of the most well-known establishments in the region, especially for visitors who want to taste the authentic La Deu potatoes. Beyond creating the quintessential traditional dish of the area, La Deu is known for its traditional cuisine, which offers local products. The restaurant also belongs to the group of “volcanic cuisine” restaurants, so a visit to La Deu, with a partner or with children, ensures being able to choose from all the typical dishes of La Garrotxa.

Its most famous dishes are La Deu potatoes, the crispy foie gras, and the “botifarra esparracada” (a type of blood sausage) with beans from Santa Pau. Additionally, the restaurant has a garden area perfect for children and offers menus for large groups and a small twelve-room hotel.

Les Cols

Two of the three Michelin stars in Catalonia are found in the 13th-century farmhouse of Les Cols in La Garrotxa. Very focused on the senses and on the environment and nature of the Garrotxa area, the menu of Les Cols’ cuisine reinterprets traditional dishes such as Santa Pau beans with “botifarra esparracada”, in a way that no other restaurant in the region does. Pig’s feet, licorice… are basic ingredients that chef Fina Puigdevall transforms in her cuisine. Les Cols restaurant is a benchmark in Catalan cuisine, not just in La Garrotxa.

Ca l’Enric

Ca l’Enric was born in Vall de Bianya in 1882, as an inn. Later it began to transform into a restaurant until now it has a Michelin star. The restaurant is one of the two establishments in La Garrotxa that have this great gastronomic recognition, thanks to an interpretation of traditional cuisine by the Juncà brothers. Its tasting menus and à la carte menu are fundamentally based on seasonal products and local ingredients, which make Ca l’Enric a must-visit for the most demanding. The restaurant combines the best of family recipes and haute cuisine.