Where to Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden wedding anniversaries, marking 50 years of marriage, are an important and special milestone in a couple’s life. The choice of venue to celebrate them can depend on various factors, such as budget, personal preferences, and the number of guests. The key is for the space to reflect the personality and tastes of the couple, as well as the significance of reaching 50 years of marriage.

1. Event Halls or Hotels:

Many couples choose to celebrate their golden wedding anniversaries in an event hall or similar venue, where they can gather family and friends for a dinner or party. Hotels and resorts offer a variety of options for celebrations, from banquet halls to outdoor spaces with breathtaking views.

2. Elegant Restaurant:

Some couples opt to celebrate at an elegant restaurant that offers an intimate atmosphere and excellent food. This option can be combined perfectly with the former, finding a restaurant in a special or particular location.

3. Rural House or Garden:

Rural farmhouses are a great option for gathering large groups or entire families in a comfortable and versatile space. Here, informal meals like barbecues can be organized, but also sophisticated banquets indoors and outdoors, as well as celebrations over several days.

4. Special Destination:

Why not take the opportunity to take a special trip? You can celebrate your golden wedding anniversary in a destination that is meaningful to you and your partner, whether it’s a romantic spot, a city you’ve always wanted to visit together, or even renewing your vows in an exotic location.

5. Religious Venue:

If faith plays an important role in the couple’s life, they may choose to renew their vows in their preferred place of worship. Some couples even decide to renew their vows in the same space where they were married 50 years ago! After the ceremony, the celebration can continue in any of the aforementioned options, from a restaurant to a garden.

Spaces to Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversaries at Mas Redortra.

A rural farmhouse like Mas Redortra is the ideal space to celebrate golden wedding anniversaries, especially if you’re looking for an intimate and relaxed celebration, but also with the possibility of inviting large groups of people. The estate offers spacious indoor and outdoor spaces that can be ideal for organizing a party with family and friends.

1. The Gardens of the Estate:

Our estate has over 60,000 m2 of private and fenced gardens that allow you to enjoy total privacy in a natural environment. They are ideal spaces for family enjoyment and for celebrating special moments such as golden wedding anniversaries.

2. Main Farmhouse for the Whole Family:

Mas Redortra’s Main House is a large farmhouse near Barcelona, ​​ready to spend a weekend celebrating with family. Additionally, for larger stays, Mas Redortra has two more accommodations, accommodating a total of 24 people.

3. Main Hall for a Grand Celebration:

The Mas Redortra estate has two event halls that adapt to all types of groups and celebrations. Both spaces are located in an annex to the farmhouse and the main accommodations, in an old stone and recovered wood shed, with lots of light and wonderful views. The main hall is designed for large groups of up to 150 people, as well as being south-facing, with exceptional views of the plain of Vic and Montseny.

4. The Era of Mas Redortra:

The old threshing floor of the estate is a secluded place among olive trees where you can enjoy an exceptional perspective of the rural farmhouse and its gardens. A space to celebrate a family meal or a small and intimate event such as golden wedding anniversaries in the company of loved ones.

5. With a Family Barbecue:

Some couples prefer to celebrate golden wedding anniversaries in a more relaxed manner, with an informal event with their family. In these cases, the porch with barbecue at Mas Redortra is a perfect option, as it can accommodate up to 24 people in its outdoor area. There you can fully enjoy sunny days and the wonderful views of Montseny and the plain of Vic that the place offers in such a special moment.

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What Should be Considered When Organizing Golden Wedding Anniversaries?

Organizing golden wedding anniversaries is an exciting and special process that requires careful planning. There are some important things to consider, but don’t forget to enjoy the planning process to celebrate this special milestone with your loved ones.

1. Guest List and Invitations:

Decide who will be invited to the celebration. You can opt for an intimate party with close family and friends, or a larger celebration with a more extensive guest list. Design and send the invitations well in advance so that guests can make their plans to attend the farmhouse for celebrations.

2. Venue and Date:

Choose the venue and date of the celebration well in advance. Consider whether you want to celebrate it in an event hall, a restaurant, a rural farmhouse, an outdoor space, or even in a special destination.

3. Decoration and Keepsakes:

Decide on the theme and decoration of the celebration. You can opt for an elegant and classic style or something more rustic or personalized that reflects the personality of the couple. In addition, you can prepare small thank-you details for your guests, such as souvenirs or thank-you cards.

4. Entertainment, Food, and Drinks:

Think about what type of entertainment you want to have at the celebration, whether it’s live music, a DJ, interactive activities, etc. Remember to plan the menu considering the preferences of the guests and make sure there is enough food and drink for everyone. These two parts can be delegated to an entertainment service and a catering company or home delivery, as well as photography and video of the celebration.

5. Vow Renewal:

If you want to renew your vows during the celebration, make sure to plan this moment in advance and consider all the details involved, such as music, whether you want to recreate it with an officiant, if a specific space should be allocated for this moment…

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