5 Day Trips from Barcelona

Sometimes it seems like we can only travel far away during vacation time, but weekends and holidays can also be taken advantage of! Near Barcelona, ​​there are many day trips that can be made, whether with family, groups, or as a couple, to discover corners of Catalonia that are sometimes overlooked but well worth it. Time Out magazine has compiled some of the best day trips near Barcelona.

1. Day Trip to Sitges: Beach and Heritage

Sitges is the perfect city for a day trip from Barcelona or nearby areas. It is very well connected by car and public transport, and once there, it can be easily explored on foot. In addition to its beaches and historic streets, Sitges shines for its cultural offerings: every week you can find something different to do, whether with family or as a couple.

Historic Center

For a day trip in Sitges, you don’t need much organization, as you just have to stroll through the city’s alleys to discover modernist buildings everywhere. In streets like Francesc Gumà or San Bartomeu, among others, you can find modernist houses built by the Indians, Catalans who returned from the Spanish colonies, during the 19th century. All these buildings are very characteristic of Sitges and can be found both in the town square and in the least expected corners.

Church of San Bartomeu and Santa Tecla

The Church of San Bartomeu and Santa Tecla is the protagonist of almost all the postcards of Sitges, and that’s why it’s a must-see on a day trip to the city. It is also the protagonist of many posters for the Sitges Film Festival! Although the building dates back to the 18th century, it is believed that before the current one, there had been two other churches. Getting there is very easy, as almost all the alleys lead there.

El Cau Ferrat

El Cau Ferrat is one of the most important museums in Sitges, with highly recognized artworks. It is the biographical museum of Santiago Rusiñol, one of the most popular Catalan painters and writers. Inside his former home are works he collected, some by well-known painters such as Picasso or El Greco. This is a must-visit for art lovers planning a day trip to Sitges.

Jorge Franganillo

2. Discovering Osona and Vic in a family day

Osona is one of the regions near Barcelona that offers more possibilities for a day trip with family. Offering so many options is perfect for adapting the excursion to all types of groups and families with children! The plains of Vic and Osona in general have unparalleled natural spaces ideal for enjoying a holiday to breathe fresh air.

Historic Center of Vic

Getting to Vic, whether by public transport or by car, is very easy from Barcelona. Once there, you just have to walk a bit to find one of the most emblematic places in the capital of Osona: the main square of Vic or the Mercadal. Its name comes from its main function: the city’s market, and it is also the center of all activities in Vic. From there, it’s very easy to get lost in the alleys of the historic center and discover other points of interest such as the Vic Cathedral, the Episcopal Museum, or the Comella House.

Jordi Ferrer

The Valley of Ges

The Valley of Ges, near the municipality of Sant Pere de Torelló, is the perfect place to enjoy nature with the family. Ideal for organizing a bike or walking excursion with children, in the valley, you can discover different peasant houses, farmhouses, and streams that perfectly define the landscape of the Osona region. The most famous point in the Valley of Ges is the Sanctuary of Bellmunt, where one of the most impressive viewpoints in the area is located. Organizing a getaway in the Valley of Ges is perfect for the most adventurous families who want to take advantage of a holiday to enjoy nature.

Rupit and Pruit

The towns of Rupit and Pruit have a magical atmosphere perfect for a romantic getaway or an excursion with children. The two medieval towns are among the most charming in the Osona region. The wooden and stone houses and the narrow streets still seem medieval and have a very special and unique charm in the area. Rupit and Pruit receive many tourists throughout the year who want to visit their streets and some well-known spots like the hanging bridge, and that’s why there are guided tours of the medieval center of the town that are very interesting, especially for families and children of all ages.

3. Get to Know Girona with a Day Trip

Girona is the capital of the neighboring province of Barcelona, ​​but this does not mean it is too far away to stay in a farmhouse in Girona and organize a day trip or getaway with your partner, family, or friends.

The Cathedral of Girona

The Cathedral of Santa Maria or the Cathedral of Girona is one of the most emblematic points of the city. The construction of this building that rises above the rest of Girona began in the 11th century, but it combines different architectural styles. Fans of television will recognize the impressive stairs leading up to the Cathedral from appearing in the series Game of Thrones, and moreover, these are the stairs that are decorated with colors during the month of May when the Girona Flower Time is celebrated. Visiting the city during this flower festival is recommended and a different experience, but the cathedral and the historic center of Girona can be visited more calmly and with fewer tourists by organizing a day trip during the rest of the year.

The Call

Although the Jews were expelled from Girona centuries ago, the Call neighborhood is one of the best-preserved Jewish neighborhoods in all of Spain. One of the most recommended options is to get lost in the narrow and charming alleys of the area, around the streets of Sant Llorenç and Claveria, where there are cobblestone streets, small courtyards, and benches to sit and observe the surroundings. All this, if you want to thoroughly know the history of the Call, the best way to do it is with a guided tour.

Christel Sagniez

“Cases d’Onyar”

The houses or “cases” of Onyar are the protagonists of almost all the postcards of Girona – competing with the cathedral – and it’s because the colorful houses that surround the Onyar River are essential for the city. The most popular option to enjoy the views of the houses with the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Basilica of Sant Feliu in the background is to stroll across the different bridges of Girona. Although none of them are medieval anymore, the most well-known are the Pont de Sant Feliu and the Pont Eiffel bridges, built by the French architect before his project of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

4. Romantic Day Trip in Priorat

Priorat is the ideal region to look for rural accommodation for couples and to have a romantic getaway. The renowned wines of Priorat are the most well-known part of the area, so one of the options is to have a good tasting and visit, but the cultural activities that take place throughout the year and the rural environment of the region should not be overlooked.

Falset Wine Fair

During the first weekend of May, a Wine Fair is organized in the capital of Priorat, an essential event for all wine tasting enthusiasts and those who want to live the experience. The Fair is located at the fairgrounds of the city and, in addition to the shops with products and stalls, the Wine Fair organizes tastings and visits to different wineries in the area throughout the month of May, which is a very good idea to get to know the Priorat region through its main characteristic.

Cartoixa d’Escaladei

Visiting the Catroixa or Charterhouse of Escaladei during a day trip is like taking a journey back in time. During the 12th century, a group of monks from Provence built it, becoming the first Carthusian monastery on the Iberian Peninsula. This building is the origin of the entire region since it was the economic and social center of the area. Nevertheless, in the 19th century, it was abandoned, and now only the remains remain in a tranquil and natural environment.

Josep Renalias


A day trip to Priorat must include a mandatory stop in the village of Siurana. This village was the last stronghold of the Muslim population in Catalonia, so much of its history remains, such as the remains of the Muslim castle. Also highly recommended is the 12th-century Romanesque church. Beyond its architectural heritage, a stop in Siurana is essential for the views and the landscape from the village.

5. A Day in the Gulf of Roses: Nature and History

The Gulf of Roses, in Alt Empordà, has everything you need for a day trip: nature, history, and a unique atmosphere in the area. Although it’s a bit further from Barcelona, the landscape and heritage make the Gulf of Roses an ideal destination for a family outing or a romantic getaway.

Sant Pere Pescador

Sant Pere Pescador is the perfect village to stop by when visiting the Gulf of Roses. Close to the Natural Park of the Empordà Wetlands, it offers various natural routes for those who want a more active day trip. Without having to go too far, the town center is ideal for strolling and spending a peaceful day on the coast. In the area, there are beautiful beaches, some of them wild like Cortal de la Vila, with a unique romantic atmosphere.


Figueres is the capital of the Alt Empordà region, so cultural and tourist options in the city never end. However, the most popular plans in Figueres include a stroll along the Rambla and its shops, a visit to the Toy Museum – ideal for families – or the essential visit to the Dalí Museum, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the city and a must-visit during a day trip with family or as a couple.

Empúries Ruins

Near the Gulf of Roses are the Empúries Ruins, a place that transports you to Classical Greece and the Roman Empire. Summer is the best time to visit them because, beyond the area and the museum that are open all year round, activities such as theatrical visits, workshops, and concerts are held in the forum. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the surroundings of the Empúries Ruins, a different visit that can be done during a day trip to make a weekend more special.