The 10 most charming villages in La Garrotxa

The region of La Garrotxa is known for being one of the greenest areas in all of Catalonia. Its natural landscapes and medieval heritage make it one of the most attractive regions in the area, and its small villages are very popular for family outings. Based on the classification elaborated by Descobrim Catalunya magazine, we create a route through the 10 most charming villages in La Garrotxa.

1. Castellfollit de la Roca

Don’t let the size of this population of less than one square kilometer confuse you, as this is one of the most charming corners of the entire region and a great favorite for organizing outings as a couple or family.

Castellfollit de la Roca is considered one of the smallest villages in Catalonia, but it is perched on an impressive basaltic cliff 40 meters high that acts as a natural barrier for the municipality. Before arriving, there are different viewpoints from where you can observe Castellfollit de la Roca from a distance and start enjoying it before you even get there.

The municipality itself is a viewpoint of La Garrotxa, but you don’t have to look outward to be captivated by the charm of the streets and houses of the municipality. Castellfollit de la Roca is a picture-perfect village, crowned by the bell tower of the church of Sant Salvador. Thus, one of the most recommended villages when taking a route through the most charming corners of La Garrotxa is completed.

2. Besalú

Besalú is no secret to those who organize a route through the most charming villages of the region of La Garrotxa. The star of this picture-perfect municipality is clearly its medieval bridge that welcomes all its visitors, but it is not the only notable corner of Besalú.

One of the details that often go unnoticed, but that makes this stop a must on the route, are the Jewish baths located in the center of the municipality, one of the two in the Iberian Peninsula along with those of Girona.

The historic center of Besalú is one of the best-preserved medieval complexes in all of Catalonia, making it a must-visit in La Garrotxa and a Cultural Asset of National Interest. If a medieval fair is held in the town of Besalú during the route through the most charming villages of La Garrotxa, the visit becomes a true journey back in time to the Middle Ages.

3. Santa Pau

Hidden in the interior of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, we find one of the quietest and most emblematic corners of the region, the village of Santa Pau.

The historic municipality preserves all the charm of a medieval town, with magical corners that can be discovered while walking through its alleys.

Beyond the charm of the village of Santa Pau, impressive nature surrounds the municipality. From there, you can easily reach the Fageda d’en Jordà, which changes colors with the seasons and where walks for all ages can be taken. The volcanoes of Santa Margarida and Croscat also lie very close to Santa Pau, making the municipality an ideal starting point for excursions. The hermitage in the middle of the crater of the Santa Margarida volcano is the quintessential postcard photograph of the area.

4. Beget

Although Beget belongs to the Ripollès region, it can be considered one of the most charming villages in La Garrotxa because it also belongs to the area of Alta Garrotxa.

Quite secluded from the rest of the municipalities in the area, the village of Beget perfectly preserves its medieval past. Any of its visitors can notice it at a glance due to the tranquil atmosphere and the cobbled streets throughout the municipality.

In addition to being one of the most charming villages in La Garrotxa, it is the starting point for many hiking and cycling routes of different difficulties.

5. Sant Joan les Fonts

The Fluvià River runs through the municipality of Sant Joan les Fonts, a mandatory stopping point on this route through the most charming villages of La Garrotxa. The village has so many curiosities and points of interest that it can be visited in more than one day.

The municipal area has numerous routes surrounding it prepared for visitors. The best known is the Tres Colades route. However, the star point of Sant Joan les Fonts is the castle of Juvinyà, which dates back to the 12th century and is considered the oldest civil Romanesque building in Catalonia. Several impressive medieval buildings still stand in what is considered one of the most charming villages in La Garrotxa.

The surroundings of the village are full of options and outdoor activities, but visitors to Sant Joan les Fonts are recommended not to miss the medieval bridge of the town. It was built with the volcanic stone so representative of the Garrotxa area.

6. Olot

Montsacopa, Montolivet, Garrinada, and Bisaroques are the four volcanoes that surround the capital of La Garrotxa: Olot. If you organize a route through the most charming municipalities of La Garrotxa, it is clear that its capital cannot be missing.

The natural heritage of the city is more than evident and impressive in a town surrounded by volcanoes, but it doesn’t end here. Numerous parks and gardens such as the Moixina wetlands or the botanical garden of Parc Nou fill Olot with corners to rest and relax.

Regarding the cultural and architectural heritage, Olot is not lacking either. The Renaissance cloister of El Carmen and the modernist house of Masramon are the reference points, but strolling through the main streets of the capital is very pleasant. All its museums, such as the Crater Space of Olot, stand out, an interactive space ideal for families and children.

7. Sant Feliu de Pallerols

Sant Feliu de Pallerols is located in the Vall d’Hostoles, within the Natural Park of La Garrotxa. Its surroundings and heritage make it an essential point of La Garrotxa and one of its most charming villages.

The village offers many trails to discover La Garrotxa through lush forests and beautiful landscapes, but it also has many charming corners and an enviable historical and architectural heritage. The church of Sant Feliu de Pallerols dates from the 17th century, and in the same municipality, it is accompanied by the church of San Iscle de Colltort from the 15th century, the church of Santa Cecília, the church of Sant Miquel del Pinar from the 11th century, and finally, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of la Salut. The latter is one of the most recognized points in the area, offering spectacular views of the region of La Garrotxa and all its landscapes.

8. La Vall d’en Bas

La Vall d’en Bas is not one of the most charming villages in La Garrotxa, but the union of 13 small towns. In the 13 population centers that make up the municipality between Puigsacalm and the Santa Magdalena massif, nature and rural life are in the air.

Each of the centers hides interesting stories and corners to discover during a visit to La Garrotxa. For example, Els Hostalets is a quiet village that originated as an inn, as its name suggests, and was declared a historical-artistic monument. In Joanetes, you can find the Romanesque church of San Román and one of the most prominent living nativity scenes during the Christmas festivities in La Garrotxa.

All of them are small and quiet villages with very fascinating details that enchant all their visitors.

9. Tortellà

Tortellà is a village that goes unnoticed but preserves much of the history and heritage of La Garrotxa. Bathed by the Llierca River and the Juiàs stream, the town is the gateway to L’Alta Garrotxa and stands out for its characteristic modernist buildings.

Additionally, you can find the church of Santa María, dating back to the 18th century, a prehistoric site from the Iron Age, and the Romanesque bridge of Llierca. This bridge crosses the river of the same name and is iconic for its single arch.

Very close to Castellfollit de la Roca and Besalú, a visit to Tortellà can help avoid possible large crowds, making it a perfect nucleus to discover the best landscapes of La Garrotxa and start numerous excursions.

10. Sant Aniol de Finestres

In the headwaters of the Llémena valley lies Sant Aniol de Finestres, a small village with a lot of charm.

Its main heritage element is the Castle of Finestres, but the Romanesque churches of the surrounding nuclei should not be overlooked either. However, the most outstanding feature of Sant Aniol de Finestres is the large wooded areas among which it is located, making it one of the most charming villages in the Garrotxa region.

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